Human Resource & Payroll

From hiring to firing and everything in between our advanced ERP solutions for HR and Payroll management will help you understand your employees and their specific role in the organization better. Choose better workforce management and create a better environment for your employees. Track expenses, attendance, appraisals all in one integrated platform.



From keeping track of vacancies to listing and creating a job board, creating interview forms and keeping track of the application, stay on top of your recruitment process. Build a database of candidates based upon their skills and proficiencies so that you always have the right candidate for the right job.

Employee Management


Create a directory of all your employees and make it available within the organization to make intra office communication easier and quicker. Keep a track on your employees and their contracts through easy alerts. Track time, attendance and leaves of all employees through our sophisticated ERP system.



Create salary slips, add bonuses or deduct balances through our payroll management system that is integrated with the recruitment and employee management to create accurate payrolls. Look at the expenses and salary liabilities of your organization to get a comprehensive picture of all your employees, their performance and value to the company.