Keep a check on the account.

Account & Financial Management


Our ERP solutions keep a track of all your income and expenses in an easy to use and attractive format. Even if you have no prior knowledge of accounting, you will still be able to get a grip on accounts and financial management

Real Time Accounting


Why wait for someone else to tell you about the financial health of your company. Check the accounts yourself in real time. Our ERP solutions allow you to have a real time viewing of Profit and Loss Statement, as well as the balance sheet so you are always aware of the viability of your business.

Reports and Analysis


Analyze your data and create in-depth reports and analysis anywhere, whenever you want. Export them as CSV files and keep them for future reference.

Balance Sheet


Create balance sheets with profit and loss accounts and a comprehensive view of your business’s financial health.

Taxation Management


Never worry about calculating taxes again, our financial management system does it for you automatically so no more worries about taxation reports or registers.

Manage Cash Flow


Get a clear picture of where your funds are being generated and where they are going to streamline your cash flow.

Create Invoices


Create accurate invoices with online payment options. Create estimates and keep a tab on outstanding payments.

Online Payment Facility


Our ERP solutions for account allow many different modes of online payments. Make your business future ready for a cashless economy.

Calculate Expenses


Easily compute your expenses and get an overview of areas where expenses can be optimized. Optimize your outgoings for better profits.