About Us

Who we are?

Infenion Tech Pte Ltd is a Singapore based integrated information technology (IT) solutions provider of enterprise resource planning solution (ERPricorn), smartphone applications, web-based business solutions and enterprise infrastructure. We deliver the best value IT and ERP solutions which help our customers achieve better business performance in all areas of their enterprise including planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, human resource and finance.


We have a strong and dedicated team of IT professionals who are constantly striving to deliver the best IT and ERP solutions to our clients to improve their business performance, management as well as productivity. We help customers implement end-to-end solutions assisting them in enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness at all stages – from design to engineering; manufacturing to distribution; customer relationship to supply chain management.  Our goal is to empower our clients with the best IT infrastructure that would ensure better performance, greater access to information and consequently a more informed business planning and decision making process, while preserving business critical information.


Our single-minded dedication to our clients helps us in developing and deploying creative technology based upon our close interaction with the clients and their requirements. This has enabled us to build an impressive portfolio of clients in this region.


Our motto is to define, implement and manage technology solutions for enhanced business performance.

We listen

We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business. We then select the best solution to fit your requirements. We don’t shoehorn projects and if we feel we’re not a good fit we’ll be honest and tell you from the outset.

One stop solution

We, at Infenion Tech, are known for our ERP and IT skill sets which help us to become a one-stop solution for creation, maintenance and planning of any ERP or IT project. Whatever your requirements or objectives, we are confident of helping you fulfill them professionally, efficiently and in one fluent process.


We understand that personal circumstances require flexibility and offer a selection of working options that balance individual and business needs.


We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!

Customer service

We believe that a happy customer always means more and better business. To achieve this, we try to make the completion of your job an enjoyable experience. We keep you updated at every step of planning, design and integration process. Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients, wherever they are located.