Get the power of real time data analysis working for your business. Our ERP systems include accounting solutions that help you to manage your accounts more efficiently with real time reports, automatic inventory updates, and remote viewing of accounts.



Customer is King, we believe in this adage and create CRM solutions for businesses to better manage their Clients and Customers. Create a more satisfactory customer experience through better engagement, conversion and satisfaction of your leads. Increase your lead conversions and closure rates with our CRM solutions.



Accelerate your sales with our sales management solutions. An ERP integrated solution for all your sales needs. From Inventory control to Accounting and reporting, our sales solution will help you concentrate on increasing your sales while we take care of the backend.



Streamline your purchasing and spending for better economy. Our Purchasing Management Solutions provide you with a software that will automate the entire process of purchasing from requisitions to approval, purchase and receipt of ordered good, everything is taken care of. We will even include payment options available on receipt of goods, all in one single solution.

Inventory & Warehousing


Get a control over your inventory. Whether it is procurement or warehousing, know exactly what to get and when to order. Set up automatic inventory control that not only updates the inventory real time but also maintains minimum stock levels by linking to procurement. Keep a tab on your warehouses shipping and docking. Generate inventory reports and trace your shipments and stocks. Our inventory control and management systems allow you all this and more.

Human Resource & Payroll


Keep a track of your employees and payroll expenses with our automated Human Resource and Payroll solutions. From recruitment to promotions to contract and leaves, manage all at a glance for all employees. Create a social network within your organization that allows employees to interact in real time with each other.

Other integrated solutions


User friendly interface that is integrated with inventory and accounts for a pleasant point of sale experience.


Keep a check on your manufacturing business. We offer ERP solution to manufacturing industries that give you a comprehensive understanding of your manufacturing process.

Project Management

Manage your projects efficiently with our customizable and versatile project management solutions.

Web site builder

Easy to use, drag and drop style website builder that lets you build the website that you want in a jiffy.


Create and build your e-commerce site with just a few clicks. Sell and compute the costs all in one easy solution.


Get your company noticed with our marketing solutions. Create a campaign, get your message out and track its effectiveness easily.

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